EY Client Portal

What is EY Client Portal?

In today's connected business world, staying competitive means making decisions fast. Making the right decisions depends on accessing the right knowledge and people at the right time. EY Client Portal gives you a single, continuous connection to EY anywhere you have access to the Internet.

EY Client Portal provides you with:

  • Continuous access to EY worldwide - A single, exclusive online connection point.
  • Collaborative services - Providing better management, team synergies, communication, and continuous global access to status and current documents via a variety of protected online work environments and electronic tools.
  • Individually tailored content, tools, and resources - Customized so you see only the content, tools, and resources you want and need.
  • Improved efficiencies - Helping you work more productively with relevant knowledge, insights, and business tools accessible in one location.
  • Enhanced service delivery - Giving you access to EY's global breadth and depth of services and capabilities (self-service to full-service), helping you execute your business decisions.
  • Global knowledge and expertise - Valuable and timely insights on evolving business issues, helping you make informed decisions faster.

Here are the resources and information available on your EY Client Portal Home Page:

  • Current Interest Items: Relevant news headlines and events specific to your interests.
  • Upcoming Webcasts: Access to EY's Thought Center webcasts that focus on significant business issues and involve a panel of EY and industry experts.
  • News, Alerts and Analysis: The latest news and regulatory alerts keeping you up-to-date on evolving business issues.
  • Reference Library: Detailed and extensive materials, white papers, interpretive guidance, checklists, and publications on accounting, taxation, and legal issues.
  • Online Tools: A wide selection of tools for business diagnostics and Q&A that will help you make business decisions.
  • Communicate with EY: Collaborative services that allow you to work with your EY team in a protected environment.
  • EY Perspectives: EY's insights and points of view on issues affecting major businesses around the world.
  • Links to Web Resources: Access to other online resources, such as government departments or agencies, professional groups, trade associations, and regulatory authorities.
  • Help: E-mail and instant online access to the EY Client Portal Help Desk.